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We all hate those pale and yellow looking fabrics because of their dullness. The fabric not only looks old but dirty as well and that upsets us. Optical brighteners are used to make the fabrics look brighter and cleaner.

Earlier a blue dye was used to remove the paleness or yellowness of the fabric. The blue dye used to replace the yellowness making it appear brighter. The job of optical brighteners is also quite similar. The optical brightening agent works by transforming UV light waves. The agent improves blue light and reduces yellow light which makes the fabric look brighter. So, it’s the appearance that changes and no yellowness is removed. The best thing about optical brighteners is that these agents stay on the fabric unaffected by heat and chemicals. They can even resist bleaching and that’s why these are used popularly.

Optical brighteners are chemical formulations but are made safe to use. The optical brightening agent manufacturers follow specific guidelines to prevent any adverse effect on man or nature.
Colourinn is a leading manufacturer and supplier of optical brighteners also known as fluorescent whiteners. Our products are prepared under the desired conditions with all the standards maintained. We make sure to follow all the set rules to make the products safe and secure to use. We manufacture bulk optical brightening agents for the textile industry.

The optical brighteners are to be used under certain conditions which are mentioned on our packaging so that you don’t end up doing anything wrong. All the temperature and other conditions are mentioned in the instruction manual. Our optical brighteners not only help you get brighter and shinier clothes but are also easy on your fabric. Thus, the fabric quality will not degrade upon usage. The brighteners are also environment friendly and you can easily use them for your purpose without worrying about their effects on nature.

Buy our high-quality optical brighteners for all types of fabric from cotton to polyester and other synthetic fibres. Our modern plant is well equipped with modern machinery that helps in developing the best formulations. We are the best optical brightening agent manufacturer with our wide variety of products and flexible buying options. From manufacturing to supplying, we take care of customer convenience at each step and that’s what helped us reach where we are today. You can explore our textile optical brighteners here.