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Pretreatment, coz perfection is the key
Pretreatment is an important part of the dyeing process. Pretreatment is not an option, but a necessity to get the best effect.

The modern-day customer wants even the finest details to be perfect even if it costs extra. The pre-treatment process ensures better colour, improved colour fastness, fabric reaction, fabric feel, and colour effect. Every textile materials manufacturer suggests pretreatment for the right amount of elegance.

The pretreatment chemicals are not only important to improve the look and feel of the fabric, but it’s also important for the environment. It makes the process friendly and helps achieve your goal quickly. Let’s see how our pretreatment auxiliaries work.

Preparing the fabric for textile wet processing includes various steps. First of all, any extra threads need to be removed. Enzymes in the form of textile auxiliaries are used for desizing the fabric by removing starch. The desizing agent also eliminates the water repellent properties of the fabric to make it ready for dyeing.

You need a sequestering agent to remove the hardness of water to make the dyeing process smoother. Our sequestering agent will make you forget all the sequestering agent manufacturers to remove the hardness of the water.

The next step is getting rid of any impurities present in the fabric. There can be wax, oil, husks, etc, all these impurities are removed by using a scouring agent. Washing off agents is used to get rid of such dirt, grim, and gum. We are among the best washing off agent manufacturers with a wide range of varieties.

For effective colouring, you need to get rid of natural colour and that’s why a bleaching agent is used after scouring the fabric. The process makes the fabric hydrophilic and our wet processing starts further. As a mercerizing agent manufacturer, we know how important the mercerizing agent is. The pretreatment chemical prevents dullness after dyeing and retains lustre.

Among the whole process, a lubricating and crease preventing textile auxiliary is a must. It will keep the fabric feeling soft. You have got nowhere to go to find the best anti creasing agent manufacturer because we have all that you need.
We have all the best quality pretreatment textile auxiliaries at one stop to make the buying process convenient. Pretreatment auxiliaries are available for cotton, cotton blends, polyester, and several other fabrics. 

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