Colourinn Auxiliaries


After the pretreatment process, the fabric is ready for dyeing and printing. It’s time to get the fabric coloured with shades of your choice. You don’t directly put the fabric in a dye mixture as it can make the colour uneven, easy to fade, and clumsy. Some products help you with smooth dyeing so that the shades are vibrant and look good.

We are the best dyeing and levelling agents manufacturer. Our levelling agent makes sure the colour comes out completely even and there are no unnecessary dark or light dots. You also need dispersing agents to prevent clumping of insoluble particles during the dyeing process. Our high quality dispersing products make us the best dispersing agent manufacturer in the world. We have a variety of dispersing agents according to fabric type such as dispersing agents for polyester.

We are also a dye-fixing agent manufacturer which helps in getting rid of the unfixed dyestuff after the dyeing process is complete. The unfixed dyestuff can make the colour migrate to other fabrics when it’s wet and that’s why a dye-fixing agent is a good way to keep things smooth.

After dyeing comes printing which is to decorate the fabric. Printing requires a lot of efforts and attention to make it perfect. Also, the dyes used for printing are differing from those used for dyeing the whole fabric. If you also want to print your fabrics, don’t worry, you are already engaging with the best printing auxiliaries manufacturer.

Printing is done in a variety of ways in which some people use stencils and others prefer hand printing. Some printing auxiliaries are crucial to get the best prints no matter you opt for hand printing or machine printing.

We are a textile printing auxiliaries manufacturer with a wide variety of all the auxiliaries required to make the colours fast. As a printing auxiliaries manufacturer, we do have printing dyes for dip-dyeing as well. If you are looking for the best textile printing auxiliaries manufacturer, look no further because we not only have the best quality but the widest collection as well.

As a textile printing auxiliaries manufacturer, we make sure to offer you the type of products you need with proper instructions so that nothing goes wrong with your lovely fabric. You can explore our collection of dyeing and printing auxiliaries here.