Colourinn Auxiliaries

We all love to get colourful clothes in every type of fabric such as cotton, polyester, wool, and others. Most of the fabrics are white naturally and are dyed to get the desired colours. The regular pigments used for colouring fabrics add the shade to fabric, but the colour is not fast. The reason is the pigment doesn’t bind to the fabric and you can see the colour running with every wash and soon you end up with a faded cloth.

Colourinn is the best textile dyes manufacturer with an amazing collection of dyes and textile auxiliaries. Nowadays, chemical dyes are quite popular because of their fast colours. The colours are not only bright but also stick to the fabric for a lifetime. The dye makes bonds with the fabric in aqueous solution. The bond formation between the fabric and the dye components makes the colour strong and prevents running and fading of colour during the wash.

The dyes manufacturers bring you dyes in a variety of shades and there is rarely any colour that is not available. The dyeing process takes a lot of steps to get the right shade and smoothness. To get the perfect dye, you need to know everything about the fabric to get started with. There are different textile dyes for different fabrics and it’s crucial to know the right one before starting.

Once you choose the right dye, checkout the dyeing process for that particular fabric and steps involved in handling the dye. You need to prepare the fabric for dyeing before dipping it into the solution. To prepare the fabric, dye it correctly, and get the best finishing, you need some dyeing auxiliaries.

So, it is not just about the colour, it requires you to understand everything about the types of dyes and their uses. We are textile auxiliaries and textile dyes manufacturer based in India and Bangladesh. We manufacture bulk dyeing products with high-quality chemical formulations. Our quality dyes and auxiliaries are available for all types of fabrics from natural to synthetic fibres.

What makes us the best global dyes manufacturer is the variety of shades and dyes at an affordable cost. Our dyes are safe for both human and nature and that’s how we contribute our little part to the environment even after dealing with chemicals. Do check our colourful collection of dyes here.