Colourinn Auxiliaries

The pretreatment and dyeing process becomes quite simple when you have effective auxiliaries which eliminate any hassles that occur during the process. Silicone defoamer is also one of those supporting agents which make the dyeing process comfortable.

The formation of foam adds air to the pretreatment and dyeing solution which can lead to uneven colour spread. Dense foam can lead to entangled fabric and patchy dyeing which does not look good at all. The foam which is essentially a bubble of air can leave spots on the fabric making it look really weird.

Defoaming and anti-foaming agents are used to control the foam. An anti-foaming agent prevents the formation of bubbles while a defoamer destroys already formed foam. Both the agents can perform another job to some extent and that’s why you can do with any one of them.

A silicone defoamer is used to control foam production. It works on the foam by eliminating the air from the bubble and thus destroys it. The defoamer, when added to liquid can eliminate all the existing foam bubbles and also helps in preventing further foaming to some extent.

The defoaming agent is highly insoluble in water and is highly active on the surface level. The agent is formulated in such a way that it disperses in the form of tiny particles. These tiny particles being super active on the surface spread quite rapidly wherever they find an air- water interface. These tiny particles act on the air-water interface and give a chemical shock which diffuses the foam. Thus, a defoaming agent gets rid of any already present foams in the emulsion. Not only that, but those surface-active particles also prevent further foaming to some extent as these themselves don’t get dissolved in water.

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