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The use of enzymes in the textile industry is very common and is increasing every day. The enzymes are used for various purposes during the whole dyeing process from pretreatment to finishing of the fabric. The most commonly used enzymes in the textile industry are catalase, amylases, laccase and others. These enzymes are used to remove impurities and improve the outcomes of dyeing.

The reason why enzymes are being used at such a large scale is their non-toxic nature. The products can be handled by anyone without worrying about side effects plus no extra care is required during or after using the products which makes it quite comfortable to work with. The enzymes are also eco-friendly which means even when you are using chemical-based products, you are causing no harm to the environment. As we promise environment-friendly and harmless textile auxiliaries, our textile enzymes are also prepared carefully to prevent any side effects human as well as nature.

The non-toxic enzyme products help in reducing industrial pollution in the textile industry and that’s why these products are gaining so much recognition. We suggest using enzymes for every possible use and to help we have created a whole range of textile enzymes. As a textile enzymes manufacturer, we assure you high-quality products produced with the utmost care.

The enzymes can be used to remove starch and other impurities. The textile enzymes also help in degrading excess hydrogen peroxide and lignin. Some textile enzymes work as bleaching agents and are highly effective in achieving the target without any side effects. Lactases is the enzyme used for bleaching and decolouring purposes. The textile industry is incomplete without denim. The desired finishing for denim is achieved with the help of an enzyme named cellulases.

The reason the textile industry loves using enzymes is that it’s extremely smooth to work with. First of all, you can get specific enzyme products for desired purposes and that makes the results highly efficient. The enzyme products work really well for the purpose they are created. Apart from that, the enzymes can be used under mild conditions which makes them quite safe to use.

Colourinn enjoys the title of one of the best global textile enzymes manufacturers. We produce bulk textile enzymes for multiple purposes and never fail to achieve the highest quality. The reason we have gained so much popularity in India and Bangladesh is our on-time delivery and best products range. You can find your product here.